Why is Breakfast important?


Eating a good breakfast can kick start your metabolism, give you the energy to start your day and keep you from eating too much for a mid morning snack or lunch.   It helps you start your day and nutrition off right.

Talking with clients as a coach and even with my own personal experience, I have found with the hustle of life we tend to skip breakfast. We think we just don’t have time, or we even just forget. We jump out of bed, clean up, get dressed, have a cup of coffee and we’re out the door starting our work day.

Where does breakfast fit our busy schedule? We all probably have about 10 to 20 minutes to spar in our morning that we may not utilize. I know what you’re thinking, “No, I don’t.”

Maybe not 10 – 20 minutes extra. However, we can fit it in while we do other things. Start your breakfast cooking. Go clean up, get dressed & eat.

Here are some ideas that take about the time of a couple cups of coffee, are healthier for you and give you more energy:


2 Hard boiled eggs – 8 minute, 154 Calories


Oatmeal – 3 to 5 minutes, 101 Calories


Whole Wheat toast with Peanut butter -3 minutes, 236 Calories


Protein shake – 2 minutes, 239 Calories


Fruit – Just eat it! (LG Apple 110 Calories), (Banana 121 Calories)


Cup of Yogurt – Just eat it! 100 Calories

Give it a try. Make a point to eat breakfast 3 or more times a week. See what happens and how you feel. If it works, try to eat breakfast everyday.

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John Hoadley

Personal Fitness Coach

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