Martial Arts Training

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John has been studying martial arts since age 12. In 1986 he began studying Ninja-Ryu Ninjitsu with Sensei Dwight Cicione. John earned black belt and became an instructor in 1990 at age 15. In addition, he studied the Blazing Phoenix System of Martial Arts with Sifu Steven Soto.

threeSensei: Dwight Cicione, John Hoadley & Sifu: Steven Soto

At age 18, John opened his school, Knights Academy of Martial Arts. He combined all he had learned to teach Tai-Fu Jitsu (Art of the Hurricane). John owned & operated Knights Academy for 10 years through 2002. Now John teaches fitness kickboxing classes at various fitness centers through out CT. He also teaches martial arts to select students. John and his instructors have always believed and taught, that every art and person has something to offer. Therefore, their training encompasses many martial arts styles. Below are the arts and styles John and his instructors use.

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