Looking for a Fitness, Wellness & Personal Training Director?

John can help you, your coaches / trainers, facility and clients reach new heights.

Reach new

Are you looking for someone to lead your wellness, fitness and personal training team? Someone who can help you reach your current and potential clients and members through-out your community?

Are you thinking about your competition? The Privately owned local gym, a Big Box Gym (LA Fitness, The Edge, Club 24), Privately owned personal training and group fitness specialty studios, Local YMCA’s & YWCA’s, Local and franchised martial arts studios?    You may even be competing with the local Park & Rec, Boys & Girls Clubs and other organizations and people you never thought of. How do you, your facilities and your staff match up to them and what they offer? What sets you apart and makes you stand out?

John has been a fitness & wellness enthusiast all of his life. In 1992, at age 18 he opened the Knights Academy Of Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Meriden, CT. He was successfully the owner and head instructor there for 10 years coaching and instructing people of all ages and backgrounds.

In 2008 John decided he wanted to become a personal trainer and coach. He studied Human Anatomy & Physiology at Three Rivers Community College of Norwich, CT.

John became a NESTA Certified Elite Training Specialist & fitness coach in 2010 and has been working with various gyms and fitness centers through out CT. He has learned how to coach and train one on one clients and group classes in many different aspects. John has worked with both large fitness centers and specialty personal training & group fitness facilities. He knows what systems to put into play as well as how to coach your team to get results with their clients, help you and your fitness facility.

John has the interpersonal skills needed as well as marketing and social media  knowledge to get through to your current and potential clientele.  He can even help you build an awesome website, find the software and computer client booking system that’s right for your facility.

If you don’t yet have a team of great coaches, John can help you find the best coaches and trainers to get started.

Interested in learning more and getting things rolling? Contact John here: