Breathing & Cardio Endurance (Aerobic Exercise)


Let’s talk about jogging / running. In this type of training it’s important to monitor your heart rate and lung capacity in order to have that endurance and increased speed to achieve your goals. You have to know when to breathe faster or slower, how to keep an even pace and how to get your lungs, heart and the rest of your body in sync, keeping a continuous rhythm. Even some of the strength training exercises we talked about in my previous article can be considered more cardio and get your heart rate and lung capacity up if you do them at a faster pace. You just have to be careful, pay close attention to your movement and momentum. Use a lighter weight, which you can have better control over.

Jogging & Running:

• Hydrate well both before and after you jog and run. Take water breaks as needed. Be sure not to drink to fast and do not breathe and drink at the same time. This could cause cramps. As you jog / run, if you feel cramps slow down and control your breathing and pace. Try to synchronize the two. If the cramps persist, stop. Put your arms up over your head expanding the chest and lungs. Slow down your breath and breathe deeply. The pain should subside.

• Start at a slow to moderate pace keeping the lungs, hands and feet synchronized. Gradually pick up speed.

• If you are competing, don’t worry how fast the other runners are going off the bat. Just keep your pace and stride. Pick up gradually. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. You can pick it up as you go.

In conclusion, I have trained clients for obstacle course races, 5ks, and the Ct State Police CHIPS Test using these techniques and others. We also do a good amount of jogging / running with the group classes I teach at fitness centers. A lot of our members jog and run on their own outside of the gym as well. As the weather is warming up and we get outside more, think about what you have read here and use it to help you achieve your goals in training, on your own and with the races. If you are interested in training or have any questions feel free to contact me. Keep an eye out for more articles.

John Hoadley has been studying martial arts and fitness all his life. He is the former owner of Knights Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness and Founder of the Tai-Fu Jitsu System of Martial Arts. John has achieved the following education & certifications:
• Ninja-Ryu Ninjitsu
– Certified Black Belt Instructor in addition to training in other various martial arts
• Three Rivers Community College, Norwich, Ct
– Human Anatomy & Physiology
• National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
– Certified Elite Training Specialist
– Certified Bio-mechanics, Functional Training & Core Conditioning Specialist
– Certified Tactix Method Martial Arts & Fitness Boot camp Instructor

John trains one on one clients and group classes at fitness centers thought out Middlesex & West Hartford, Connecticut and teaches Senior Group Fitness classes at assisted living homes through-out Connecticut. He also trains clients outdoors and in homes on a case by case bases.


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