About John Hoadley

TGU Wind millEducation/Certifications:
• Three Rivers Community College, Norwich, Ct
– Human Anatomy & Physiology
• National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
– Certified Elite Training Specialist
– Bio-mechanics, Functional Training & Core Conditioning Specialist
• Certified First Aid, CPR & AED


John has been coaching individual and group clients with their goals in Connecticut since 2011.

Over the past year John has been instructing Senior Group Fitness classes at assisted living centers through out CT.

In these classes, he trains men and women ages 65 – over 100. The participants vary in capabilities and limitations.

John helps to keep them active and engaged physically, mentally and socially.

In addition, John also works with various fitness facilities through out CT training people of all ages and fitness levels from teens – adults.

John coaches people in Injury Correction, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Cardio Endurance, Martial Arts, Self Defense and more.

He has had a passion for martial arts & fitness since age 12. John is a Black Belt Instructor of Ninja-Ryu Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, has studied the Blazing Phoenix System, Kung Fu and more.

John is the former owner of Knights Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness, where as Sensei (Master & Instructor of Martial Arts) John created and taught his unique form Tai-Fu Jitsu (Art of the Hurricane) to children and adults of all ages and backgrounds for ten years. (1992 – 2002)

John was commissioned by State of Connecticut for Instruction of troubled children to Find a Positive Outlet. (1993 – 1994)

John decided he wanted to reach and help more people with his love of martial arts and fitness.

He became a NESTA Certified Elite Training Specialist in 2010.

John continues his education and training as he constantly strives to grow and learn from every resource he finds, including those around him, other trainers, instructors and even clients. John believes we all have something to learn and share with each other.


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